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Welcome to Kolkata Cops, a portal designed especially for you to get to know us better. We sincerely hope that the various sections of this site will give you a more comprehensive and multi-faceted picture of the Kolkata Police.

KOLKATA COPS is meant to serve as an interactive forum. You can get the news and views of Kolkata Police as well as air your own opinions on the various issues that we face daily as citizens of this great metropolis.

‘News this Week’ will feature a weekly update of the important events of the city.
The section ‘Take Care’ highlights the special precautions that you should take to avoid crime and ensure your safety, especially during the festive season. Remember that your safety lies in your own hands and being a responsible citizen makes our task that much easier. Do spare some time to read it before you step out for your Puja festivities. ‘Hello , I am..’ introduces you to the members of our Police force – It gives you the humanitarian approach to knowing about our men in uniform. We begin this section with a Hello from our very own Police Commissioner, Mr Gautam Mohan Chakrabarti.

The various social and community works undertaken by the Police comprise the section ‘For Kolkata’ while ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Photo Gallery’ give us very interesting information, visual and factual about our beloved city.

Our grateful thanks to our friends for helping us to develop this site. This is an interactive forum and we look forward to your comments and suggestions in the days ahead. The success of this blog depends on you. Happy Puja.

Souls that never die
BAPI SEN colour
We will never forget you- Sgt BAPI SEN
Sgt. Bapi Sen laid his life for protecting citizen. The story goes like this:
It was 2002, going on 2003. Kolkata was celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bapi Sen (35) @ Bapi, son of Sri Narayan Chandra Sen of 27/164, Parnasree Central Government Quarters, Kolkata – 60, a Sergeant of Kolkata Police, posted to Traffic Department along with his five friends was slowly cruising along Park Street slowly in a Maruti Car 800 bearing No.WB-02F-4992 driven by one of his friends Ashoke Sengupta to watch the merriment.

Sometime later, when Sgt.Bapi Sen and his friends were returning by the said car along Nirmal Chandra Street and had reached Hind Cinema Hall around 01.30 A.M. on 01.01.2003, they saw an unknown woman sitting on the rear of a motorcycle and she was being teased by five people in a taxi (No.WB-01A-3450) and demanded that the lady be left alone. Sgt. Bapi Sen came out and protested against teasing by those five persons whose identities were later established as Constables of Reserve Force of Kolkata Police

Being protested they started assaulting Bapi Sen with feast, blows and kicks, the 35-year old fell on the road. His friends tried to save him from their clutch but to no effect. The miscreants continued to assault. In the meantime, the motorcyclist with the woman fled. So did the assailants in the taxi. Bapi Sen was first taken to the Medical College and then to Calcutta Medical Research Institute. Shortly after the incident he became unconscious and went into coma for the next five days. He died on the morning of 06.01.2003.

Trial was held in the Court of Shri Basudeb Mazumder, Ld.Judge, 12th Bench, City Session Court on and from 10.07.2003. Out of 43 witnesses, 41 were examined and cross-examined.

On 30.06.2004 the Learned Judge found each of the five accused persons guilty U/S 354/34 IPC and 302/34 IPC. The quantum of sentence against the accused were declared to be pronounced on 01.07.2004.

On 01.07.2004 the Ld.Judge sentenced each of the five accused persons to life imprisonment and to pay a fine of Rs.10,000/- ID to further imprisonment for one year U/S302/34 IPC.

The Ld.Court in his Judgment & Order passed in this case highly appreciated the manner of investigation done by S.I. A. Banerjee I.O. of the case and overall performance of Homicide Squad, Detective Department. The Ld.Judge further mentioned in his Judgment that “I am of the view that their acts come within the purview of rarest of the rare cases but at the same time after considering their submission and the age of the convicts at this stage I am of the view that justice would be met if I restrain myself from imposing capital punishment upon them and in such circumstances of the case Life Imprisonment is just and proper.”
Meheta Saheb
Vinod Mehta laid his life to keep city peaceful.

A quarter century has passed but Vinod K. Mehta, DC, Port Division, is still remembered in the rank and file of Kolkata Police for the enormous courage that made him face this villains and also for the tragic end to this courage that would have probably won him a place in the pages of history.

It was one black morning on 18.03.1984 at around 11.45 A.M. some miscreants attacked V. K. Mehta, DC, Port Division, his guard, Constable Moktar Ali and others on Ramanajan Lane with bombs / brickbats and other lethal weapons. Mehta with Constable Moktar Ali, close on heels, faced these criminals who were equipped with lethal weapons. Faced with an attack, the duo along with other Policemen took shelter in side a mosque at Ramanajan Zone when the miscreants launched attack at the said mosque and demanded explanation from the Police Force. They were soon overpowered as the criminals took the mosque on seize and started hurling bombs. A Constable was injured. Mehta tried to escape through Battikal towards Garden Reach Road. Mehta took refuge in a house at 228/3, Battikal, but the killers follow him there. Moktar tried to save his superior’s life, but was dragged out and assaulted. His eyes were dug out, his revolver was snatched away and his limbs were chopped off. Moktar bled to death but the killers handn’t had enough with him. They set his body on fire.

By this time Mehta had managed to run off to another house in the neighbourhood at G 222, Battikal, but was soon spotted by the killer gang. They attacked him with sharp weapons and he died instantly. Stripping him of his uniform and shoes, the killers threw Meheta’s body into a canal. The IPS Officer’s body was recovered later from the Kutcha drain near premises No.F59, Attabag.

A specific case was started in connection with this incident and was presented before the Ld.Court of Shri N. K. Bhattacharjee, 9th Court, Additional Session Judge, Alipore.

A note from editor kolkata cop
If you find an error, please understand it was put there on purpose. We try to publish something for everyone, and some people are always looking for something to criticise.


  1. Promod Kumar padhy says:

    Today I.e , 24th Dec 2013 , at about 7.45 pm , near park hotel , I stopped my vehicle to pick up my wife and daughter . For Christmas the area is very crowded and traffic personnel informed me to move ahead . In the mean time a senior official came and took photograph of my vehicle number plate . My postal address is changed , how and where I should inform for change of address and what is the procedure .can I personally collect the notice and if so when and from where.
    Promod Kumar padhy

    Dear Promod,

    Your comment has been sent to the respective department. Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Kolkata cop

    Dear Shri Promod Kumar Pandhy,

    In reference to your query dated 24/12/2013 regarding the notice, you are requested to visit the official website of Kolkata Traffic Police then select “Make Online Payment”. By putting the vehicle number and last 5 digits of chassis number you can able to get the list of cases lying pending with police and can pay the fine online.

    Further more, if you can share the vehicle number with Traffic Computer Cell, then they can also check the same. You may contact O.C Traffic Computer Cell, phone number- (033) 2214-1050.

    Kolkata Cop

  2. Prasanta De says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for help. Could you please confirm that the address you have given is for 4 RTO, Alipur WB-19 and WB-20 ? For your information i am living in Batanagar.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Mr. De,

    Kindly contact the RTO for the details. You have asked for.

    Kolkata Cop

  3. Prasanta De says:

    I line to know information about the Diving Licence. Could you please help me with Alipore RTO full address.

    Dear Prasanta,

    The address of Alipore RTO is 6, Baker Road, Kolkata-27. You will find all the details at

    Kolkata Cop

  4. TAPAN SARKAR says:

    How I get senior citizen certificate as a senior person from kolkata coporation

    Dear Mr. Sarkar,

    Kindly visit the Kolkata municipal corporation site . Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Kolkata Cop

  5. saurav kumar dey says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is to inform you that today morning at Esplande bus-stand L20 of Govt.i & my mother got a ticket to travel at my home Asansol at 0745 bus &bus no is 1918.We went to kolkata for my mother’s check-up yesterday at park street OPTM to dr apurba ganguly.i’ve puchased medicine from there and her medical file was in the bag which is of blue & ass from inside the bus where we were sitting over the head it got taken by some guy.soon there i called 100 at 0751 and reported they said for dairy but we did not got enough time.
    Therefore i request you if you kindly look into the matter and get it back bcoz it contains medicine and my mothers medical contact id is:
    As i’ve heard a lot about kolkata police i’m seeking for help for my mother and my contact
    inside the bag i have also purchased 3pices of TUNI bulb and it have a dairy.
    Please help me presently i’m at asansol.
    Hope you will understand my problem and help me.
    Sorry to disturb you.

    Thank You
    saurav kumar dey

    Dear Mr. Dey,

    It is really an unfortunate incident. You are requested to inform the incident to the jurisdictional police station.

    Kolkata Cop

  6. Raj Kumar Surana says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please give me the details of the tenant information form that as a owner I am supposed to provide the Police Department.

    Raj Surana

    Dear Mr. Surana,

    You will find the tenant profile form at the following link

    Kolkata Cop

  7. Sudipto Panja says:

    I got some query, please help—whether it is true?

    If we are not carrying license or vehicle papers and being challenged, we don’t require to pay the fine immediately ,as we will get a legal 15 days time to show the papers. challan can get cancelled by showing the papers within 15 days of the challan date.

    The information is via the Right to Information Act.

    Dear Sudipto,

    Your comment has been sent to the appropriate authority. We will revert back soon.

    Kolkata cop

    Dear Mr Sudipto Panja,

    You wanted to know when you are not caring Driving Licence, and vehicle paper, ply the motor vehicle in the public place and is challenged in this respect by police authority & being challenged you may produce the D.L. & vehicle paper within 15 days from the date of challan and the challan get cancelled by showing the paper.

    In this regard let us bring the provisions of law before your notice-

    Section 3(I) of M.V Act provides that no person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective driving licence issued to him authorizing him to drive the vehicle; and no person shall so drive a transport vehicle hired for his own use or rented under any scheme made under sub-section (2) of section 75 unless his driving licence specifically entitles him so to do.

    Section 130 (I) of M.V.Act provides that the driver of a motor vehicle in any public place shall, on demand by any police officer in uniform, produce his licence for examination.

    Provided that the driver may, if his licence has been submitted to, or has been seized by, any officer or authority under this or any other Act, produce in lieu of the licence a receipt or other acknowledgement issued by such officer or authority in respect thereof and thereafter produce the licence within such period, in such manner as the Central Government may prescribe to the police officer making the demand.

    In sub-Section (3), the owner of the motor vehicle or in his absence the driver or other person in charge of the vehicle, shall, on demand by a registering authority or any other officer of the Motor Vehicles Department duly authorized in this behalf, produce the certificate of insurance of the vehicle and, where the vehicle is a transport vehicle, also the certificate of fitness referred to in section 56 and the permit; and if any or all of the certificates or the permit are not in his possession, he shall, within fifteen days from the date of demand, submit photocopies of the same, duly attested in person or send the same by registered post to the officer who demanded it.

    Section 158 (I) of M.V Act clarifies that any person driving a motor vehicle in any public place shall, on being so required by a police officer in uniform authorised in this behalf by the State Government, produce-

    (a) the certificate of insurance;
    (b) the certificate of registration;
    (c) in the case if a transport vehicles, also the certificate of fitness referred to in section 56 and the permit, relating to the used of the vehicle.

    CHALLAN- If any challan is issued against the driver or owner for violation of traffic Rule and Act. The prosecuting officer will furrowed the challan before the court of law, having jurisdiction after and of stipulated period for disposed of the challan, under the provisions of Rule 349 of W.B.M.V.R. of 1989 and U/S 208 of M.V. Act. Of 1988.

    Hope, this will satisfy your query. However, feel free for any further queries.

    Kolkata Cop


    Respected Sir
    During on -line check from ( kolkata traffic police web page) from  I have found that one case is pending against me till 26-01-12. It is of nature :119/177MVA ie RED LIGHT violation. Can it be possible to know at which place Police has given that case against my vehile from Kolkata Traffic Police web page.
    Also against that case I have not received any Letter from Kolkata Traffic Police. My question is since it is appearing in web site should I need to pay the that fine ?

    Yours Truly
    Madhurima Mitra

    Dear Madhurima,

    Your comment has been sent to the appropriate authority. We will revert back soon.

    Kolkata cop

  9. Sagnik Ghosh Dastidar says:

    Is parking a car on the pavement or footpath an offence? What is the fine amount in doing so?
    Beside my house there is a marriage hall and the people renting the place create a lot of problem for us like playing very loud music,making undue noise with utensils and so on. Whom can we take this complain to so that the licence of the marriage hall is cancelled.please help.

    Dear Sagnik Ghosh Dastidar,

    Your queries have been forwarded to the Traffic department.

    Kolkata Cop

  10. Seema Mishra says:

    Please let me know the fine for parking car in No Parking zone.
    Also, is there a quota for police officers to collect traffic violation challans? During Pujas, we were out of station and the car safely parked with the keys under lock and key, but we received a traffic violation for 11pm at night for an area which I never frequent. How do you explain this?

    Dear Seema,

    Your comment has been forwarded to our Traffic Department. You can also contact our traffic department through for your grievances and queries.

    Kolkata Cop

  11. choppy says:

    On Dec 24th, against my request, I received your assurance re the traffic bottlenecks created at the AJC BOse Road Flyover, by illegal pick-ups by private vehicles.

    Regret the assurance remains VERBAL ONLY till date….

    Can we start the PARIBORTON please !


    Thanks and Regards,


    Dear Choppy,

    We are working on the same and soon that assurance will be a reality. We expect your kind co-operation.

    Kolkata Cop

  12. Prasenjit Dass says:

    In my last comment of Jan 14th regarding ‘U’ turn, I have again spotted a Police Jeep taking ‘U’ turn to drop school children…WB-02N-3678…I think I have noted the number correctly as I had to abide a red signal and missed the vehicle for a few seconds. However, if its incorrect, I shall post again the vehicle number along with picture….this is a regular feature!
    Secondly, the ‘U’ turns restrictions are also done in such a way that a vehicle has to cover quite a distance which leads to additional fuel consumption for cars as well as increase in pollution levels.

  13. Prasenjit Dass says:

    You have restricted ‘U’ turn for cars approaching from Gariahat moving in front of Modern High School, but you have not restricted cars coming from Park Circus and take a ‘U’ turn at the crossing of Gurusaday Dutt road junction. This has been an ongoing mess of traffic jam every school days. Also, it is observed that Police Jeep carrying school children have a VIP access. I personally feel that there should not be such treatment starting from a student life.

    Dear Prasenjit,

    We will forward your post to the concerned traffic department, which would look into the details. We would surely retort further. However, there is no such special V.I.P treatment carried to school children in police jeeps as far as our knowledge goes. Still, we will look into the matter further. Thanks for bringing this to our knowledge.

    Best Wishes,
    Kolkata Cop

  14. Arya Ghosh says:


    Keeping in mind the present situation, I would request you to kindly think about the following points to safeguard our city even better and help thwart any terrorist activity.

    A. At the METRO RAILWAY STATIONS and at MAJOR RAILWAY STATIONS, please install or place request with the railway authorities to install X-RAY MACHINES for BAGGAGE CHECK like the ones we have at airports. Any person carrying any baggage which is larger than the ones which should normally be carried or any baggage which appears as suspicious to the security staff should be made subject to facing a MANDATORY SECURITY CHECK , no matter how long does it take.

    B. At the SHOPPING MALLS, visitors keep their heavy belongings with the security staff which is then kept inside the adjacent racks, situated alongside/inside the shopping malls,on a daily basis.

    This could be dangerous as anyone in the disguise of a customer can place explosive devices inside a bag and keep it with the security for mass destruction and loss of invaluable lives. Thus, even at the shopping malls, installation of BAGGAGE X RAY MACHINES should be made MANDATORY and anyone wanting to keep his/her belongings with the security should be made subject to facing a MANDATORY SECURITY CHECK OF THE BAGGAGE. It will also ensure visitors carrying minimal baggage while visiting shopping malls.

    For both,wide media publicity should be made so that citizens are kept well aware and will not have grievances later.


    Arya Ghosh

    Dear Arya,

    Thanks once again for a smart and careful suggestion. We would forward the post to the concerned departments which would then look into the feasibility matter. However, the entire utilization of the suggestion does not solely lie in the hands of the police, but other departments of the Government of West Bengal and the shopping mall authorities have to approve the same.

    Kolkata Cop

  15. Choppy says:

    The Taj end of the AJC Bose Road fly-over has been steadily becoming more popular as an (illegitimate) pick-up point for the commuting public, particularly in the office hours between 9.30 and 11am. This poses a serious accident risk and a creates a bottleneck for traffic coming from the Alipore/Fort William side. The traffic managers are oblivious to the problem. i have spotted a car carrying the Raj Bhavan Emblem stopping there to pick up passengers, so the driver can make a quick buck.
    In the evening the other end of the same fly-over carries this distinction. This is also the VIP route.
    One expects that such blatant violations with no political bearings, can at least be dealt with firmly.

    Dear Choppy,

    Thanks a lot for your keen observation and posting the same on our blog site. We assure you to seriously look into the issue. The concept of shuttle vehicles are on the upsurge nowadays, but the legitimacy has to be maintained certainly. If a car bearing the Raj Bhavan Emblem picks up general passengers, it is surely a violation. Creating mayhem in tender traffic zones are also disturbing issues and shall be dealt with strictly.

    Kolkata Cop

  16. Rana Das says:


    Will you please inform me about the website address from which I can download the Traffic rule violation notice issued by Traffic Department, Kolkata. Presently this notice is being send to my address through post which never reach within time. that causes delay in payment.

    With regards
    Rana Das

    Dear Rana,

    Kolkata Traffic Police has its website But at this moment, it is not possible from our end to upload individual Traffic rule violation notices there.
    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Kolkata Cop

  17. Dr.Syamaprasad Datta says:

    We know that Kolkata Traffic Police ,under your active guidance ,is engaged in a herculean task to keep the city running in a smooth manner.We convey our heartfelt thanks to strive for including traffic education in the school syllabus from the forthcoming session.Congratulation for the success.A study of the Kolkata Traffic Police in comparison to other metropolis,in a historical perspective,is urgently required.I am currently involved in such a study.

  18. Saurabh Agarwal says:

    Sir, My name is Saurabh Agarwal, I have a bike, and within past 8 month i am suffering by a auto rikshaw each and every day on the rout of Ultadanga to Baguiati, Saltlake n Sova Bazar, they drive very rough and they never see that anyone is hit by them, my bike is only 8 month old but due to their kindness its look like 2 yrs old, if we said any thing to them they show to us their UNION power n political power. We have to close our mouth n have go our own way without any justice, cops are standing behind us but they do nothing, they only see everything like audience.

    Waiting for Justice.

    Yours faithfully

    Saurabh Agarwal

  19. Amal Ghosh says:

    This refers to my posting of July 23,2010.
    I had written to the CP whether the same notice which is applicable in Mumbai holds good for Kolkata also.


    [1] Traffic Police may not detain a motorist only to examine the driving license or vehicle documents.

    [2] Police may detain motorists only if traffic laws have been violated or if they’re driving drunk.

    [3] When caught for traffic violation, the fine paid must be limited to the violation.
    Important Notes:
    (A) The fine cannot be expanded to include lack of insurance cover or emission certificate, etcetera.
    (B) As per the Law, Traffic Police cannot slap a penalty on motorists only because of no insurance or emission certificate.

    In case of lack of documentation:
    (A) If insurance cover has not been purchased, – the Officer must issue a notice, not impose penalty.
    (B) The motorist must be given 15 days to purchase insurance cover and one week to procure the emission certificate.
    (C) The motorist must then meet the Sub Inspector at his Station with the documents, and s/he will annul the charge at once.
    Important Notes:
    {1} The motorist will be fined if s/he fails to produce these documents within the stipulated period.
    {2} If the vehicle is brand new, an emission certificate is not required for one full year.

    Dear Mr Ghosh,

    Thanks for your thoughtful inputs. A point wise reply as per your Excerpts is given below-

    1. Uninterrupted journey of motorists is the motto of Kolkata Police A motorist is detained by the Kolkata Traffic Police not below the rank of Sergeant/Sub-Inspector, authorized in this behalf vide notification no. 5779-WT/3M-170/94 dated 05.7.1995, only when noticed a violation is committed by the motorist and examination of vehicle documents is done thereafter as provided in sections 130(1) and 158(1) M.V.Act, 1988.
    2. Not at all. Apart from the motor vehicles act/rules, Police Officers authorized in this behalf may detain a motorist for the reasons under 41 CrPc.
    i) If committed any cognizable offence. ii) If the vehicle is suspiciously stolen vehicle or carrying stolen article. iii) If the vehicle is carrying proclaimed offender or the vehicle proclaimed itself, etc.
    3. Every section of law under motor vehicles act/rules has been provided with penal provision. Fines are imposed in consonance with the provisions provided therein by the officers authorized, only for the offences compoundable under the act/rules.

    A&B. Production of the valid insurance certificate of the vehicle as and when required by a police officer authorized in this behalf is mandatory, as per provision contained in section 158(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act and action is taken against the owner or in charge of the vehicle for non production of the same after complying the provision contained in sub section (3) of the section 158 Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
    Lack of documentations
    A. This is fact, Kolkata Police used to issue notice to the motorists for not production of the Insurance of the vehicle.
    Fine is collected when insurance can not be produced either at the time of interception or on subsequent occasion (within 15 days. )
    B. Seven days time as provided in sections 158(3) M.V.Act, 1988 & 116(1) CMVR, 1989, is given to the motorists.
    C. Yes. This is fact.

    Important Notes:
    1+2) This is fact.

    Feel free to communicate, if you have any further suggestions or queries.

    Kolkata Cop

  20. Debarshi Ganguly says:

    Respected Sir,

    Today,July 27, 2010 i had posted in this blog about the problems i face in my business in port area.. But in the evening when i checked in again in this blog my post was missing/deleted. 🙁

    Thanking you.

  21. Budhaditya Paul says:

    Dear Sir,
    We all appreciate the initiative taken by Kolkata Police in organizing the Friendship Cup and its successful execution and we expect a Cricket tournament in November -December.Thanks

  22. Alak Guha says:

    I am an Engineer by profession and retired from active service recently. I lived away from Kolkata for nearly 35 years; out of which nearly 25 years was in the overseas. After returning back to Kolkata I find it to be a completely transformed city with culture of lawlessness prevailing almost at every inch of urban life. I am a good observant by my nature. If I am given an opportunity I can point out many of the ills and at the same time initiate some thought process to tackle those. Is there anyone at the higher level in the administration who would be interested? I am prepared to volunteer my services if that helps the society.
    Alak Guha

    Dear Mr Alak,

    It is a great pleasure to hear that a common citizen is so eager to volunteer his services for the cause of the society. We will be highly honoured to receive your help and suggestions. You can post your comments, observations and suggestions and innovative inputs on police-related matters on this blog site of Kolkata Cops. We will be highly grateful.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

  23. Amal Ghosh says:

    I had, on Jul.15,2010, e-mailed to The Commissioner of Police regarding right to information on traffic rules/violation. Though I have received an acknowledgement to my mail, I have not yet received any reply to my query. Would appreciate a rejoinder from the CP’s office.

    Dear Shri Ghosh,

    If you want to get access to information under the Right To Information(RTI) Act, you must apply before our concerned SPIO i.e Shri N.K.Singh IPS, Joint CP(A) in the proper format on stamp paper. E-mail will not do as per the Act.

    Thanking you,

    Kolkata Cops.

  24. Amal Ghosh says:

    The bifurcation of the Beliaghata Main Road which leads to the By Pass is obstructed by auto-rickshaws by parking three abreast to pick-up passengers, resulting in cars finding it difficult to enter the bifurcation in front of the CIT buildings. This was pointed out to a constable on duty. Apparently he showed his helplessnes by giving a weak smile. We are all aware that the auto-rickshaw operators’ union is very militant and no one would like to mess with them, rather the cops look the other way when the auto-rickshaw drivers flout the traffic rules with impunity. A case in point : a father was taking his son to school on the cycle. An auto-rickshaw driver rashly dashed his vehicle with the cycle at this spot. Both the father and the son fell.. The son received bruises on his face, hands and legs.In a fit of rage the father caught hold of the driver and slapped him. This triggered the other auto drvers nearby to collectively assault the hapless father black and blue. The constable who was present was watching the whole incident as mute spectator like others in the crowd. I know a single constable will not have the courage to intervene, but the least he could have done was to report the matter to his senior colleagues who were available at the traffic booth nearby. Unless this menace is checked by the higher ups it is bound to go out control.

    Dear Mr Ghosh,

    Thanks for pointing out! The matter has been referred to D.C TP for necessary action.

    Kolkata Cop


    i am very much frustrated for missed call and sms in my family mobile.. some mobile users are calling frequently and sending sms. it seems to like me that my number has been distributed among some mobile user. these numbers are 9874879577. 9830014974 and there are few numbers… they regularly sending sms and giving calls. after few days i found a number(9830014974) which belongs to a kolkata police home guard’s number. his name is KUNTAL. I have talked to him. but that very person ignores it, by saying few of his office mates can call during his duty hours..
    it is very hopeless to hear a police man giving prank calls and sms to others.

    personally i call 100 to make an complain but the receiver of that phone ignores to lodge the complain by saying this is not the procedure to file an complain.
    i am writing this blog for your opinion

    Dear Mr Mukherjee,

    You must lodge a written complaint with your local police station mentioning all the details and may also lodge complaint with Public Grievance Cell, Lalbazar. You are suggested to keep the SMSs you have received, intact for reference.

    Kolkata Cop


    We are staying in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata-700055 for the last 35 years and from the last 2 ½ months we along with our Senior citizen landlords (2 brothers and one sister ) are facing problem one after another created by one another tenant staying on the ground floor. The latest problem created by him is that he has planted 4 plants in front of the house, on the pretext that the same has been ordered by the Councilor of our area, in such a manner that we will not be able to park our car which I was keeping on the request of my landlord because the elder brother is bed ridden and may require medical assistance during night. My landlord has approached our Councilor to enquire whether he has given any such order but he denied having given any such order but he also expressed his inability to remove the plants. So I would like to know :
    1) The remedies available to my landlord in getting the plants removed,
    2) And if he removes the plants whether any legal consequence can follow,
    3) And if the tenant applies physical assault whether we can file an FIR in Lake Town Police Station.

    Hoping an early reply in saving us from this mental agony and humiliation in the hands of the said tenant.

    Arun Kumar Sharma

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    You may contact your local Police station (Lake Town P. S.) or S.P. North 24-pgs to find solutions to your problems.

    Kolkata Cop

  27. sandeep kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to know that if i had parked a two wheeler at 10 pm in a no parking zone while i am standing beside the bike than how much fine can be attracted with and Secondly if any officer is misbehaving with me at he spot without any mistake of mine and threat us what legal action can be taken.. Thirdly 11/1 sarat bose road comes under which police station..

    Dear Mr. Sandeep,

    • For allowing the vehicle to remain stationary at Public Place, you may be prosecuted U/S 126/177 M.V Act and the fines for a two wheeler is Rs. 100/- for the 1st offence, Rs 250/- for the second offence and Rs 300/- for the subsequent offences.

    • You can lodge your complaint with the jurisdictional police station, where the incident took place and/or at Public Grievance Cell at Lalbazar.

    • 11/1, Sarat Bose Road falls under the jurisdiction of Bhabanipore Police Station.
    Hope this satisfies your queries!

    Kolkata Cop

  28. Subhendu says:

    Dear Sir,

    In case I want to complain about taxi driver about his faulty metre ,is there any number where I can sms the cab number and lodge a complain.
    I read about it in a news article I year back but can not recall whether the number was from traffic department or police.


    Dear Subhendu,

    You can lodge your complaint online at by filling up the complaint card.

    Kolkata Cop

  29. Goutam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have one question and need the advice

    If any one parked a Van (Tata 407) in front of our building which is situated in a bye lane and left it for the months since car owner is absconding, then what is the legal procedure to remove this obstacle to clear the lane.

    Warm Regds

    Dear Mr Goutam,

    You need to inform your police station and they will take the necessary steps to remove the vehicle.

    Kolkata Cop

  30. Sourav says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is pertaining to an issue which is not new to our city,but have become a perennial problem-the Hawkers and their ever rising encroachment.But,the most alarming part of this that the administration seems to be very little bothered about it! Whenever the topic comes up in any discussion,we see that the process of ‘passing the buck’ starts up between the various departments,but ultimately resulting in no action and the result of this utter negligence and poltical unwillingness has led to the indefinite growth of hawkers/their encroachments in almost every part of the city.
    Be it the traditional market areas of Gariahat/New Market or the upmarket posh residential areas of Ballygunge/Alipore/Theatre road/Park St which were earlier spared of this menace,every other location in Kolkata is slowly going into the grip of encroachment. Even the newer areas like the ones near the residential complexes on EM Bypass,are also witnessing the trend,where everyday a new illegal structure/shop is coming up.
    As a general citizen of Kolkata,who loves his city,everyday I feel the pain when I see that when every other city of India is slowly progressing towards better infrastructure and facilities,our very own Kolkata is dying a slow death.I agree that this is a social issue,but every other aspect in life needs a control a check by authority so that it doesn’t go out of bound & come in the way of any development.Can’t we never dream of hawker-free zones in Kolkata,something in line with other big cities?

  31. Sumona Bhattacharjee says:

    HI , I have tenants living at the ground floor in my house in Southern Avenue. My grandfather had made a rent agreement with the Man in the family who died 10 years ago. The original agreement is lost and we do not have the photocopy of the same. Now when my father has got retired from his job and wanted to sell the portion the tenants do not want to leave. Can we have a new rent agreement with them as the rent paid by them is a meager amount ( 3500 for a 3 bedroom flat ) . Neither they are ready to pay the increased amount nor they are ready to vacate the house. Can we take a legal action against them ? What should be the next course of action as i want the possession of the ground floor and want to sell it off or put it on the increased rent which can support my income free family.

    Please Advice ?

    Dear Ms Bhattacharya,

    The matter you have informed is civil. There are legal procedures and you need to consult a civil lawyer to know the pros and cons.

    Kolkata Cop

  32. Nitin Nitesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    This was regarding my post dated May 7, 2010 regarding wrong notice served to me for Traffic signal violation.Can I have an update from your end?

    Nitin Nitesh

    Dear Mr Nitin Nitesh,

    Your information has already been forwarded to D.C, T.P and his office will contact you, if need be so.

    Kolkata Cop.

  33. Somdeb Chanda says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know something from you. Recently I have rented my Flat in Jadavpur,on Leave & Licence basis, to a person from Durgapur. I have heard that whenever one rent’s one’s Flat he should inform this to the Police Authority. Is there any standard form / format for sending this information to the Police & where should I send this information & to whom this is to be addressed.

    Thanks & Regards
    Somdeb Chanda

    Dear Mr Chanda,

    Kolkata Police has a tenant profile form and it is mandatory for the owner to fill it up and deposit at the local P.S.
    However, Jadavpur P.S. does not fall under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police. You may contact your local P.S or S.P (24 Pgs South) for necessary details.

    Kolkata Cop

  34. Abhishek Pankaj says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring into your kind notice, yesterday I was riding my bike on E.M Bypass with a pillion rider. We both were wearing helmets, but near Silver Spring crossing we were stopped by one of the constables accusing us of not wearing a standard helmet for Pillion rider. The Officer charged me Rs. 100/- fine for wearing a non standard helmet.

    The helmet which the pillion rider was wearing is the half covered helmet of “Habsolite”, which I have been using since 2-3 years. Now, the officer was saying that this helmet does not suffice the rule for wearing Pillion rider helmet in Kolkata. And the officer insisted that the rule is there in Kolkata since more than 2 years.

    Now, I am surprised, that since 2-3 years in Kolkata I have been using this helmet for Pillion rider and never been asked from the Traffice police earlier. Also, I am a regular reader of “The Times of India” and I have never seen any information from Kolkata Police regarding the rule for the helmet for Pillion Rider.

    Request you to kindly clarify the details of the new rule for wearing a Pillion Rider’s Helmet. Also, what would be the “standard helmet” for a Pillion Rider in Kolkata.

    Yours Faithfully
    Abhishek Pankaj

    Dear Mr Abhishek,

    The West Bengal Motor Vehicle Rules (Rule 297) specifies the use of IS: 4151-1976 (presently 1993) headgear by the riders of two wheelers. The head gears without such standard are not considered as ‘protective headgear’ and use of such while riding two-wheeler, attracts penalty. Information in this regard is regularly displayed in the display boards at most of the important crossings of Kolkata and also can be found in the guideline section of the official website of Kolkata Traffic Police at

    It seems you were lucky all these days!

    Kolkata Cop

  35. Saikat says:

    What a reply! So indeed your department is a puppet in the hands of the state governement? I thought that you are an independent department who maintains law and order of the state. Sorry it was my wrong understanding.

    So tomorrow any one can encroach the raod and make life miserable for 1000s and you CAN’T do anything! Maybe I guess media is more powerful and useful than you in some cases involving “socia-economic aka political issues”.

    Thanks for the straight honest reply about acknowledging your incompetence and inability in this regard.

    Dear Mr. Saikat,

    Thanks for your post. We must remember that police has to work within a certain framework.. Keep posting.

    Kolkata Cops

  36. Saikat says:

    Dear KP, Who is responsible to ensure that the roads are free from hawker encroachments? As common residence of the city I would like to know if you are cowed down by the political games or you are independent in dealing with this menance. I stay in the EM Bypass area near the Garia Big Bazar. I see how the service road stretch from the Big Bazar to the Mukundapur crossing is being encroached every day by hawkers who is making temporary bamboo shafts. This creates a huge choas for people who walks or drives the road. The other day I was walking back my home and I was hit by a motor cycle…I realized that it was not really his fault..because the hawkers have made the road so congested that people park vehicles on both side of the road which is effect makes the road a hell. We all understand the need to create jobs and live hood of the people but that can’t be at the cost of this. Is hawkery is the future of this city? For few people and some political backing we are creating life miserable for a large number of people. There was a green stretch at the side of this same raod now it is filled with filth. Can you stop this menace? Please don’t say that KMC need to ensure this but not KP.

    Dear Mr Saikat,

    Hawker encroachment is indeed a socio-economic problem and police alone can’t solve it. You may have read in the newspapers that Government is keen to formulate a comprehensive policy on hawkers. As such, we cannot promise a complete hawker free city/zone in the near future!


    Kolkata Cop

  37. Pranab says:

    This is to my earlier posted message about my missing laptop….
    First of all thanks for the enquiry done and for replying back to me.
    The reason of the delay on that day is still understandable. But why i had to run around from New Market P.S. to Behala P.S. and again back to New Market P.S.?

  38. Nitin Nitesh says:

    Respected Law enforcers,
    This is to bring to your notice that I have been served a notice by the Traffic Department ,Kolkata u/s 133 of M.V.Act to deposit a compoundable amount of Rs.100/- for Light Signal violation which never occurred.For your kind information on the mentioned date of offence we where out of station and the car safely parked at our residence.

    Please note that this mail is not a request to waive off the fine, which I would be paying within the stipulated time line mentioned, but for your information and necessary action so that in future no one is unnecessarily harassed for an offence never committed.Anticipating a positive response from your end.

    The details are given below:

    Case no:11PC12407/10
    Offence:Light signal violation
    U/S Code:119/177MVA
    Place:Harish Mukherjee Road/ B B Ghat Road.

    Dear Mr Nitesh,

    Your complaint has been forwarded to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Department. He has been requested to inquire into the matter and contact you for further action,if any.

    Kolkata Cop

  39. Bharat Bhatt says:

    Further to my Query on April 26, When I meant a particular community, I didn’t mean the Sikhs, as I know that they have been exempted from wearing a helmet.

    Dear Mr. Bhatt

    The people other than Sikh community is being prosecuted by Kolkata Police on regular basis for not wearing the helmet while driving two wheeler on road.

    Kolkata Cop

  40. Bharat Bhatt says:

    It is really very astonishing to see a particular community people not wearing helmets, whereas we have to wear them even during this hot and humid summer. We are not able to understand the policy of the Kolkata Police. Will someone explain?

    Dear Shri Bhatt,

    There is a specific exemption regarding wearing of helmet for the Sikh community, who wear turbans. Apart from that, every one has to wear helmet (marked IS: 4151) while riding a two-wheeler. Laws apart, helmet saves the most vulnerable part of your body, absence of which may become fatal even in a slight fall.


    Kolkata Cop

  41. L N Roychoudhury says:

    Upon googling “Calcutta Police Taxi Refusal”, the third option says “Kolkata Traffic Police” & just below that, Google warns “This site may harm your computer”. You can see the warning at

    I wonder what the world thinks of this city, when finding such warning in the GOogle

    Dear Mr Roychoudhury,
    Thanks a lot for pointing out. Necessary action is being taken at the earliest.

    Kolkata Cop

  42. Samiran Bhatta says:

    Earlier we have send the fake educational documents of one MR GORA BHATTACHARYA working as a HR Executive at Reliance Life Insurance, 38B, J. L. Nehru Road, Himalaya House, 4th Floor, Kolkata – 700071 just 2-4 kms from Lalbazar to Ms. Dayamanti Sen’s office. His HS certificate is fudged, Graduation certificate is fake. However no action has been taken so far. Its almost 2 months now. Would like to inform you that they are working as a nexus in different parts fo Kolkata. We have also sent copy of the documents to the HR & Compliance dept of Reliance; but there is no response from them as well. For security reasons I am not willing to disclose my phone number. But I am reachable on e-mail.
    I even tried to raise the issue in your website under the head report a crime however the same shows an error every time after submission. Request you to please look into to the case as the guy Gora Bhattacharya and a set of people are working in nexus in our office.

    Dear Samiran

    Thanks for bringing the matter in our knowledge. The matter has been forwarded to D.C.D.D and also
    necessary steps are being taken to rectify the errors in the website.

    Kolkata Cop.

  43. Pranab Bera says:

    I appreciate all the good works done by the good cops of kolkata. But at the same time there are several others, who makes our life difficult.
    Here is my story –
    I lost my laptop on 10/04/10. I left it at St. Anthony’s High School, where i work as a music teacher. I came back home and realised its missing. I enquired in the school, but it was not there. Our school falls under New Market P.S. I along with one of my colleague went there to lodge a complain. There we had to wait for 3 hours. Then we were told that since i went back home and then i realised its missing, i have to go to my local police station, which is Behala P.S., for the complain. But when we went there, we were being told that since it was missing from the New Market area, we cannot do anything. We went back to New market P.S., but the Investigating officer Mr. S.K. Sahana was not ready to listen anything. After an hour long process of conversation and persuation finally a diary was made. But its a big blow to the faith that the kolkata Police is there to help us!!!

    Dear Pranab

    It is indeed sad to learn of your experience at New market P.S. We have already asked our officers to make necessary inquiries and take required action.

    Kolkata Cop

    Dear Mr Bera,

    The matter was enquired into and it revealed that the officer in question was pre-occupied with other important issues during your visit at New Market P.S on 13.04.2010 afternoon and he had very little scope to attend you instantly. Hence, the delay was unintentional. However, any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted! Please bear with us!

    Kolkata Cop

  44. Sujoy Roy Choudhury says:

    Is there any place on the Net where I can find the area jurisdiction of Police Stations in Kolkata & S. 24 Parganas?
    I wanted to know Kolkata 700038 (Address: 77/B, Diamond Harbour Road) falls under which Police Station?

    Dear Sujoy

    Please log on to to find the area jurisdiction of the Police Stations under Kolkata Police and to know the area jurisdiction of the Police Stations under South 24 Parganas you may contact SP 24 PGS (South). In reply to your other query this is for your information that 77/B, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-78 falls under Behala Police Station of West Bengal Police.

    Kolkata cop.

  45. deepak says:

    as a citizen of kolkata.i want to thank each and every one of kolkata cops to care for us.this blog is helpful to post our problems to you and ask for your advise. thankyou!

    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you!

    Kolkata Cops

  46. Saptarshi Basak says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I respect kolkata traffic police department for doing their job at their best. But still accidents are increasing in day by day. So, if kolkata police department wish then I could Shoot and direct a awareness video for kolkatans and of course kolkata police department which can be showed during commercials in TV program. The video would be free* (*conditions apply) of cost. ’cause I believe awareness advertisement is needed more. Waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you for your time.
    Saptarshi Basak

    Dear Saptarshi,

    Thanks! we will forward your post to the concerned department and will revert to you later.

    Best Wishes,
    Kolkata Cop

  47. Ashutosh says:

    Respected Law Enforcers,

    I had tried posting the below query a while ago however i got deleted from the blog.

    However, Thanks you for being there for us.

    I have two questions:

    First If i report an incident at your toll free numbers such as 100 and others will my name be reveiled at any point in time.

    Second if someone parks a car infront of my premises and does the same even after asking him/her not to do so. What is my right in this regard and how can the authority help me.

    Request your advise.

    Dear Asutosh ,
    Your identity will be kept secret in case of any complaint to 100 dial.
    It is illegal to park a car in a no-parking zone. If the place you are mentioning is a no-parking zone, you can lodge a complaint to your local police station or DC Traffic or call 1073 (toll free) to register the complaint. The offender will be prosecuted, if found guilty.

    Kolkata Cop.

  48. Faisal Shaikh says:

    Respected Sir,
    I Faisal Shaikh, a graduate student from National institute of Management, for the past 1 year i am looking for a job in kolkata police. But i have no knowledge how to get the form for police job. Sir kindly advice me how to apply for the post of sub inspector.
    Thanking you

    Dear Faisal,

    We are happy to note that you are interested to join Kolkata Police.The direct entry level at Kolkata Police is only as sub Inspector or sergeant. The posts of sub inspectors/sergeants are filled up from the successful candidates of the examination held by West Bengal Public Service Commission. We suggest you to keep in touch with West Bengal Public Service Commission through their website Or, with your qualification, you can aspire to join as direct DySP in West Bengal Police through the examination conducted by West Bengal Public Service Commission or even IPS through the Civil services examination conducted by UPSC.We are glad to know that the youth are coming up with ideas of joining the forces and serving the nation. We encourage more and more young minds like you to join the police force.

    Best of luck,
    Kolkata Cop

  49. Subhayu Basu Roy says:

    It is disheartening to see that in Behala several 2 stroke autos are plying using kaata tel everyday. After crossing Behala its a relief to our lungs as almost all the autos run on LPG.
    Since we live in Behala we sometimes feel victimised as when the remaining part of the city have gone green how many days/months we have to wait to see a greener Behala…

    Please take appropriate steps so that we feel relieved very soon.
    Finally wishing our proud Kolkata Cops a very shining and happy new year 2010.

    Dear Subhayu,
    Unfortunately, I cannot give a satisfactory reply to your query at this stage. Behala P.S. is not part of our jurisdiction. So, will you please contact S.P. South 24-pgs or West Bengal Police Hqr at Writers’ Building?
    Happy 2010!

    Kolkata Cop.

  50. Arya Ghosh says:

    I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate appropriate departments of administration including Kolkata Police for presenting us a comparatively cleaner Kolkata by enforcing stringent rules to run less polluting LPG Auto Rickshaws. The difference in air quality is already being felt and it is of significant relief to Kolkata residents.

    I sincerely hope that in the near future, more and more environment friendly public vehicles would be rolling out on Kolkata roads, thus making the City of Joy a place for pollution free joyride as well.

    However, with much sadness I have observed that till date some old and polluting auto rickshaws still run between Taratala crossing and Thakurpukur in Behala. Hope those will be replaced soon by environment friendly autos.

    Season’s greetings and best wishes for a very happy new year to all in Kolkata Police.

    Arya Ghosh

    Dear Arya,
    Thanks and a very very happy new year to you and all your family members and friends! Thakurpukur and Behala fall outside our jurisdiction. However, I share your concern and hope that the problem will be solved in the near future!

    Kolkata Cop

  51. kisholoy mukherjee says:


    Dear Mr Kisholoy Mukherjee,

    Regarding your queries, we would like to clarify that there is no such time after which taxis can turn down passengers. Taxis can ply at any hour of the day and night. However, the taxi driver can always ask the passenger his/her destination. If the taxi driver refuses a logical destination, then it becomes a case of taxi refusal, which can be taken care of by the traffic department of Kolkata Police, if under its jurisdiction.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

  52. kisholoy mukherjee says:

    But most crimes take place after 10 pm. also, drivers drive cars in a very rash manner only because there are no police on the roads. If an accident occurs, there will be no one to help. Oh, kolkata seems like a hell to live in

    Dear Mr Kisholoy Mukherjee,

    We would like to clarify that though the duty of a traffic police gets over at 10 pm, there is continuous police patrolling that takes place throughout the city. We would also like to bring to your notice that the crime rate in Kolkata, during night time, is fortunately very low, since Kolkata does not have a happening night life as such. Kolkata Police is continuously striving to make this city a safer and secure place to live in.

    Best Wishes,
    Kolkata Cop

  53. Ajit kr Dey says:

    Pls Do Look Non ur online complain or online Complain Message to the Commissioner Sir Works………As After Send page Error..etc is displayed same everywhere to register Complain Online….Pls Do Check & Updt..& Rectify the problem.As We are not concern about local police Station or Authority or Administration Jurisdiction’s…thirsty…We are In India & Whole India is ours & Police Is For allover for same purpose….not for excuse..of area division

    Dear Mr Ajit Kr Dey,

    We would surely look into the matter and revert to the earliest.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

  54. Worker says: – da best. Keep it going!
    Thank you

    Dear Mr Worker,

    Thank you very much for appreciating our efforts. We would be glad if you continue to post your comments, views, problems and opinions on our blog site. This will foster co-operation and support.

    Best Wishes,
    Kolkata Cop

  55. gayathri e says:

    May the soul of Bapi Sen and other heroes like him rest in peace.

    How is the family of Bapi Sen doing now?

    Dear Ms Gayathri,

    Such a significant loss as that of Late Bapi Sen creates a major void in the family and even in the hearts of friends and well-wishers. However, life has to move on and likewise the family of the deceased is also moving ahead in their respective lives. But the emptiness created in their hearts is such that can only be understood by feeling. May be the remembrance of the deceased serves as a positive inspiration for them. We want to share with you and others, our heart-felt condolences for the late hero.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

  56. kisholoy mukherjee says:

    IN the crossings in between shyambazar and ultodanga, i hardly find any cops at all after 10 pm. IS that a rule?

    Dear Mr Kisholoy Mukherjee,

    The traffic police’s duty is till 10 o’clock at night.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

  57. kisholoy mukherjee says:

    I have successfully submitted the complaint in

    However, the cursor cannot be shifted from one field to the next from the “complainant’s name” box onwards without using TAB button (cannot be done by mouse click). please look into the matter.

    Dear Mr Kisholoy Mukherjee,

    In case of any technical snag, we will forward the report to the concerned department. Thank you for making us aware of the same. We assure you that the problem will be fixed very soon.

    Thank You,
    Kolkata Cop

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