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I have had some very pleasant experience with Kolkata Police in general and KTP specifically!

The latest episode happened today! Date: 11 Sep 2014 Time: 6:20 AM Location M.G Road and C.R Avenue Crossing! A person is seen profusely bleed from his right ankle. A Pvt. Bus had crushed his leg and sped away! The constable on duty rushes to the injured person, consoles him, stops a Taxi, helped the injured person into it. The constable requested people standing around to accompany the injured and admit him in Emergency ward of Calcutta  Medical  College. No one agreed commenting it may bring problem for them. When one person agreed, the constable took out his wallet and paid taxi driver the fare to Calcutta Medical College! Yes sir, you read it correctly that the constable PAID the taxi fare, though the person accompanying the victim volunteered to pay but constable said: “Aapni keno deben, Aapni cooperate kore upakaar korlen!” You might wonder how do I know all these minute details. I was the person who took the injured person to Medical College.

Through you I would like to urge all friend and Public that do share your happy moments with Kolkata Police to keep them enthused and encouraged to have a helpful attitude.


-Ravindra Kr. Karnani


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